Feasibility Study (FS) - is a pre-project work that is being carried out with a view to performing a comparative analysis of the options of the scheme of connection of facilities to the electrical networks and determining the most appropriate scheme, system that takes into account all technical requirements and economic indicators to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to consumers.


German-Ukrainian company BIT performs the work on the development of FS, which gives the possibility to obtain technical conditions for the connection of the object to external electrical networks.

Developing FS German-Ukrainian company BIT is carrying out the following works:


  • elaboration of the technical task for carrying out the FS and its harmonization in all interested organizations (electric transmission organization, electric power system, GC «National Energy Company «Ukrenergo» and others);
  • baseline data collection;
  • analysis of the electrical networks in the area of connection of the facility, taking into account existing and prospective generation/loads;
  • calculation of short circuit current;
  • definition of basic principles of relay protection organization, automation, operational dispatch communication, automated system of control and accounting of electrical energy (ASCAEE), automated system of process control (AS PC);
  • estimation of the aggregated costs of implementing an external power supply scheme for supply of power to facility/power output of facility;
  • providing conclusions on extended work.