Company «Braun Industrial Technology GmbH» (Germany), has more than 30 years’ experience in projects implementation in the sphere of traditional and alternative energy.

In partnership with company «WABIO» (Germany), on the orders of municipalities of the European Union, household waste treatment plants were designed and built, which include biogas plants for the treatment of organic waste, 0.15 MW to 20 MW per hour.


Project description

Main project objective - is to create a business for receiving, sorting and processing of household waste generated by a wide area, including the processing of biodegradable waste. The Waste Treatment Plant will improve the environmental situation in the Community and surrounding areas, increase the economic and energy independence of the community, generate additional revenue for the community and create 48 new jobs. As a part of the plant, biogas station will allow to produce electric energy up to 1.5 MW per hour, the sale of the produced electricity will be carried out on the general energy market according to the «green tariff». For more details of the project presentations, please click here.

Thermal energy, which is a by-product of the biogas plant, will be used to heat the greenhouse, which will grow greenery for the needs of the local population - schools, kindergardens, medical institutions, unprotected segments of the population. In addition to the greenhouse, some of the excess heat from the biogas plant may be used to breed fish in artificial water (aquaculture) to grow fast-growing fish varieties, and then sell them to consumers in the region. 


The raw material for biogas generation may be:

  • household solid waste (HSW), including the biodegradable part of household solid waste generated by COMMUNITY;
  • active sludge treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater (active sludge is a complex of micro-organisms that participate in biological treatment of wastewater in specialized sewage facilities);
  • garden and park waste (fallen leaves, dry or cut grass, trunks, roots and stumps of old trees, old shrubs, seeds, pines, needles, turf removed in the course of landscaping and other works);
  • agricultural waste:
    - crop production (cropping residues, stems, leaves, roots and husks, etc.);
    - livestock breeding (cattle manure, pigs, chicken manure, goose, etc.);
  • green mass of technical and energy crops.


The implementation of the project is carried out by a joint enterprise in the form of a Limited Liability Company, the founders and participants of which are LLC «German-Ukrainian company Braun Industrial Technology» and authorised communal enterprise of territorial Community, and consists of several stages. 


The sources of project financing are:

  • Investment by Community in cash - 30% of the total project budget 
  • Investment by «German-Ukrainian company «Braun Industrial Technology» in cash - 70% of total project budget 

Note: for territorial Communities, it is possible to deposit 5% of its share with money, and 25% with Local Guarantee.

The road map of the project is available here

Read more about the Local Guarantee here


Technology of power energy production

The main components of the processing scheme for household waste and thermal and electric energy production from biogas are:

  • reception and sorting of wastes of territorial importance;
  • preparation of inert waste for storage and processing;
  • preparation of a volume of biodegradable raw material for the production of biogas;
  • a system for release of raw materials during the production of biogas;
  • biogas transportation and purification system;
  • generating unit / cogeneration unit;
  • a system for processing fermentation sludge and producing organic fertilizers;
  • waste-water treatment and air emissions.




Who needs this business and why?

Construction of waste treatment plants with BGES is advantageous primarily to the territorial Communities, in order to meet the challenges of improving the environmental situation in the region, increasing the level of economic and energy independence, and ensuring tax revenues to the budget of the Community, jobs creation.

Owners of such industrial facilities should consider a minimum of
4 reasons for biogas project implementation:



«Green» tariffs for biogas power plants

«Green» electricity tariff is determined by means of a coefficient set for biogas power stations put into operation in a certain period, valid until 2030.

«Green» tariffs for biogas ES



Project implementation services

List of main services/works provided in the framework of business projects for biogas waste treatment plant construction:

  • Potential assessment of household wastes available from territorial community;
  • Estimation of the amount of organic waste to produce biogas, determination of the capacity of a biogas plant;
  • Development of the optimal conception for project implementation (including the development of a business plan);
  • Pre-project activities (audit of existing documents, collection of basic data for design, development of feasibility study of capacity distribution scheme, etc.);
  • Obtaining Technical conditions for сonnection to external electrical networks;
  • Design works;
  • Selection and delivery of basic equipment;
  • Construction, installation and commissioning;
  • Putting the facility into operation;
  • Obtaining a License for electricity generation;
  • "Green" tariff obtaining;
  • Conclusion of all necessary contracts for electricity sale.



Main conditions of project implementation

Plants for biogas of plant and animal origin and from industrial wastes liable to biodegrade:

  • determination of source of raw material (fuel for power plant);
  • close proximity to external power grids;
  • establishment of conditions for fuel delivery to the power station;
  • determination of fuel supplies storage conditions for power plant (if necessary).

Power plants on biogas of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) polygons:

  • potential assessment of MSW polygons biogas selected for the power plant location;
  • recultivation of the MSW polygon (if necessary).


For more details on step-by-step implementation programme, please here


Terms of operation in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM)

Production and sale of electrical energy from biogas is subject to obligatory licensing. The license for production of power energy, as well as the "green" tariff for each specific SPP should be approved by The National Comission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities (NCSREU).


Settlement of the payments for generated electricity

Payments for the electricity produced are being carried by the WEM on daily basis giving the first priority to producers that use alternative energy sources without limitation of their capacity and the volume of electricity produced.

If you would like to estimate the cost of constructing a waste processing plant, please fill out the questionnaire..


Applied technology

In partnership with WABIO https://www.wabio.de/we offer the most advanced biogas technology for a plant with a capacity ranging from hundreds of kilowatts to tens of megawatts. WABIO technologies have been certified by the German bank KfW and are found to be fully compliant with requirements set by funding organizations. WABIO also has extensive experience in the construction of biogas power plants that use biodegradable waste as fuel. More details about WABIO technologies can be found in the presentation available here.