Braun Industrial Technology GmbH (Germany) is an expert in the field of alternative and traditional energy, process automation in energy and industry, analytical instruments, regulatory systems and management in traditional energy industry. We are your competent partner in the field of energy project management. More information about Braun Industrial Technology GmbH (Germany) can be found in the presentation. 

Our technical specialists have accumulated considerable experience in the design, construction and maintenance of biogas power plants (BPP). Together with our technology partner, WABIO Technology GmbH, a large number of biogas stations in Europe, Asia and North America have been built and upgraded. 

The result of scientific research and practical experience gained in the last 30 years was the creation of the unique anaerobic fermentation technology WABIO®. Technology WABIO® is the only technology in the world that uses an industrial process for the efficient biotechnological (energy and material) recycling of raw materials with a high concentration of lignocellulose and proteins.

Our company has been on the market of alternative and traditional energy for more than 30 years. More than 350 implemented projects in the traditional and alternative energy sector worldwide.

For our Ukrainian partners we offer the management of investment projects in renewable energy, industry and waste management system facilities in:


  • Project concept development, business model, business plan, financial model;
  • Energy efficiency of energy-related facilities with a view to identifying a set of necessary measures for the further implementation of the project;
  • Development of the project, coordination of all organizational matters with local government bodies and local communities, signing of approval documents;
  • State scrutiny of projects, and coordination of projects with all approval bodies;
  • Engineering of the design, design and construction of external power supply schemes or of the power supply of the consumption and generation facilities;
  • Delivery of equipment, construction of turnkey facilities, commissioning;
  • Power plant management, warranty, post-warranty and service services for energy facilities;
  • Supporting projects to collect raw data, permits and design opinions;
  • Construction and commissioning of power plants.


EnBW is the third largest power company in Germany with an installed capacity of 15.5 GW, of which 3.1 GW is renewable. Braun Industrial Technology GmbH has been involved in the joint implementation of many projects in various energy projects around the world.


Braun Industrial Technology GmbH is an authorized partner of Siemens in Europe and the CIS with more than 50 implemented energy projects.


WABIO specializes in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of biogas plants worldwide. The uniqueness of WABIO biotechnologies, investments in the development of new biogas methods and improvement of existing ones, make WABIO the leader of industry in Europe and the world. 



One of the largest alternative energy companies in Germany has in its history connected more than 100 solar power plants with an installed capacity of more than 370 MW, and built more than 520 MW solar power plants as a contractor. Braun Industrial Technology GmbH has been involved in many projects in Europe and globally.


German-Ukrainian company Braun Industrial Technology «BIT» is the Ukrainian branch of the company Braun Industrial Technology GmbH, whose main goal is the introduction of renewable energy projects in the territory of Ukraine.







Trushenko Igor Nikolayevich


Diploma of Electromechanical Engineer in Process Automation in Energy Industries.

25 years of experience in energy industry. 20 years of experience in energy trade.

Chairman of the Board «Association of Industrial Parks of Ukraine». Adviser to directors of state enterprises «Energy of nature» and «GreenEnergo» of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade on issues related to alternative energy development.

Winner of the contest in the nomination «Public Figure». The winner of the competition in the nomination «For personal contribution to the development of investment and innovation activity». He co-authored two inventions and five useful models. For active inventive activity was awarded certificate «Creator».

Founder Braun Industrial Technology GmbH

Josef Braun


Graduated engineer in the renewable and traditional energy sector. For the last 30 years, has been engaged in engineering, designing, construction, repair and management of renewable and traditional energy facilities.

In 30 years of practical experience, more than 350 projects in energy and industry have been successfully completed, including more than 200 projects in the field of renewable and traditional energy.

Over the last two decades has devoted himself to the introduction of biogas projects based on anaerobic fermentation technology WABIO. Dozens of projects have been carried out on the construction, modernization, rehabilitation and conversion of biogas stations in various regions of the world.

Certified Siemens engineer. Holder of the Siemens Solution Partner certificate, which gives the right to design and create technical solutions based on the equipment and component base of Siemens worldwide. Wide experience in automation of processes, automation of production, construction and modernization of production machines and equipment.

Директор Херсонского филиала

Палічев Юрій Федорович


Диплом вчителя російської мови і літератури та зарубіжної літератури, диплом спеціаліста з фінансів і кредиту, диплом вченого агронома.

(3 вищі освіти) 30 років досвіду у бізнесі і практичного управлінського досвіду, у тому числі — володіння власним бізнесом. Досвід в створенні бізнесу «з нуля». Досвід антикризового менеджера. Досвід будівництва «з нуля»: ТЦ (близько 7 000 кв.м.) комплекс — пансіонат, ресторан, СПА, резорт (близько 10 000 кв.м.).

Досвід в залученні іноземних приватних інвестицій. Широка мережа контактів в бізнес середовищі та керівників державних та комунальних установ в Херсонській області. Контакти серед дипломатів, політиків та державних діячів в Болгарії.


18/7 Henerala Almazova str., office 305 (26 Lesi Ukrainki Blvd.), Kiev, Ukraine, 01133
тел. +38 (044)539-41-96, +38 (044)337-93-89, +38 (050)299-80-49, +38(050)299-80-49, e-mail: office@bit-ukr.com.ua