The main task in BGS management of any scale is to ensure the stable income of BGS owner. And ensuring a stable income of the owner, in turn, becomes possible with careful observance of technical regulations of BGS operation, continuous control of used raw materials, regular maintenance. 

The specialists of German-Ukrainian company «BIT», being part of German scientific-production concern, have a good understanding of the peculiarities of biological and technical processes that take place within the BGS. This knowledge ensures the best possible functioning of BGS, depending on the season, the basic raw material used and possible variations in the seasonal supply of raw materials  

BGS management is carried out through the establishment of a separate enterprise (management company), often in conjunction with the BGS owner. The management company shall organize the day-to-day management of BGS, ensure the hiring and training of the staff, provide accounting services, ensure timely reporting to the public authorities, ensures the assessment and payment of taxes and provides timely management reports to the owner.

The experience gained in the management of different-scale BGS located in different regions of the world working on different basic raw materials is the basis for ensuring the stability of BGS under any regimes and, as a consequence, the stable income of BGS owner.