German-Ukrainian company BIT offers the following services for new producers of electricity / heat power:

  • obtaining licenses for all types of business activities in the energy sector;
  • calculation of the tariff model;
  • obtaining tariff for electricity / heat supply;
  • "green" tariff obtaining for electricity sale;
  • ensuring operation in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) of Ukraine (SE "Energorynok").


According to the current legislation of Ukraine, there are licenses for the following types of business activities in the energy sector::

  • power energy production;
  • production of thermal energy at combined heat and power plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and cogeneration plants;
  • transmission of electrical energy (transmission of electricity by main and interstate electric grids);
  • distribution of electrical energy (transmission of electrical energy by local (local) power grids);
  • transport of the thermal energy through mail and local heat networks;
  • supply of electricity (supply of electricity by a guaranteed supplier / supply of electricity at a regulated tariff);
  • wholesale supply of electrical energy;
  • supply of thermal energy;
  • combined production of heat and electricity.

Terms of implementation of these activities shall be subject to compulsory licensing and shall be approved by the Regulator - namely, The National Comission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities (NCSREU).



First of all, WEM makes settlements with those producers who use alternative energy sources, without restrictions both in terms of the power of power plants and in terms of the amount of electricity produced. The cost of such electricity is determined by the value of the "green" tariff, which is approved by NEURC.
Settlements for the supplied electricity in the WEM with all other producers are carried out according to the appropriate algorithm and at tariffs, which are also regulated by NEURC.


"Green" Tariff Law is in force in Ukraine. It sets premium rate of tariffs on electric power produced with use of alternative (renewable) energy sources, namely wind, solar, biomass, biogas, small hydro and geothermal.

"Green" tariff shall be valid till the year 2030.

"Green" tariff is determined by multiplication of the corresponding coefficient, set separately for every indicated energy source, and retail tariff on electric power for the second class of consumers as of 01.01.2009:

GT=К×58,46 kopecks/kW·hour

"Green" tariff is quarterly revised by the NEURC based on the average official NBU exchange rate of hryvnia to the euro in the 30 days before the date of the last NEURC session in the previous quarter.