Developing the appropriate concept for project implementation experts of German-Ukrainian Company BIT provide the following services:

  • consideration of possible scenarios for project implementation (based on main technical and economic indicators);

  • determination of the conditions for project implementation in accordance with the current legislation in energy sector;

  • analysis of the potential and risks of the project;

  • review of electrical/thermal energy markets and appropriate warranties;

  • evaluation of the investor’s potential and capacity that could ensure sufficient conditions for the optimal operation of the generating facility (logistics and auxiliary infrastructure);

  • determination of the optimal algorithm for the project implementation that considers the possibility of applying of the simplified procedures, optimization of timing and project costs.


Also, we are offering to the investor services for establishment of the new business in alternative energy field, wich include:

  • selection of a land lot for construction of the facility;

  • analysis of the renewable energy sources potential (wind rose, solar activity, the quantity and quality of biomass and biogas);

  • analysis of the possibility to connect the facility to engineering networks;

  • development of the concept for a business project.

Разработанная концепция проекта определяет необходимые исходные данные для Бизнес-плана, который в свою очередь позволяет привлечь инвестиции в проект.