German-Ukrainian company BIT functions as the General contractor at the stage of execution of design, construction and installation works, while providing the following services:
Project works, namely:

  • identification of the facility complexity;
  • preparation of the design works schedule and monitoring its implementation;
  • obtaining all initial data and necessary permits for the design (the relevant specifications from DSOs and other organizations);
  • development and approval of project documentation by all stakeholders;
  • obtaining of the positive conclusions for all design stages in the respective authorities (SE "Ukrderzhbudekspertyza", SE "Expert-Technical Center", State Committee for Supervision of Labor Protection of Ukraine, etc.)



Executing or management of the construction process, namely:

  • preparation of the schedule of construction and installation works and monitoring its implementation;
  • obtaining the necessary permits to start the construction: declaration on the commencement of building works (I-III categories) or permission to start construction works (IV and V categories);
  • organization of construction of a complex object in accordance with the approved design and estimate documentation;
  • logistical support facility construction (engineering and supply of process equipment);
  • implementation of BIS on their own or with the assistance of contractors;
  • coordinating the construction process according to the agreed schedule network;
  • acceptance of the performed works with registration of the relevant documents (the certificate of inspection and acceptance of the concealed works, tests, etc.);
  • commissioning of the facility (executing of design documentation, obtaining the Declaration or Certificate of the facility readiness for operation).


After construction-and-assembling operations and commissioning is available preparation for the implementation of licensed activity.